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Our mission

The mission of The Little Mole International Preschool is to provide quality care for children through a cooperative partnership between parents and teachers.

Our focus is to provide a stimulating early educational experience to promote each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Our goal is to develop and support each child’s desire to be a lifelong learner.

Our curriculum

The KidSparkz Curriculum is a major part of our daily activities for both nursery and preschool.

The children are introduced to music, stories, art, customs and food from various aspects of everyday life and culture. Relevant cultural holidays are joyfully celebrated, and every child and family can feel included and respected.

Children learn through playing and experimenting. Active participation is encouraged.

Additional activities

For our preschoolers we offer a variety of afternoon activities including cooking, yoga, dance and sport.

During the school year, children receive visits from the police, doctors and firefighters. We celebrate Carnival, Halloween, and Holiday parties with our children and their families.

In our story book program parents are encouraged to come to school and read books to the children.

Meet our staff

Joanna Rogala

Preschool Director and Owner

Charlotte Rogers

Teacher in Cheeky Monkey in our Preschool (from 3 to 4 years)

Misbah Anwar

Teacher in Ladybirds in our Nursery (from 1 to 2 years)

Rochelle Naval

Teacher in Tiny Tigers in our Nursery (from 2 to 3 years








Dining room and bathrooms




Playground and outdoors




Terms and conditions


Monthly payment (preschool):
5 full days (07:45-17:00): 21,800kč
5 half days (07:45-13:00): 17,500kč

5% rebate on one year payment
10% discount for sibling

Monthly payment (nursery):
5 full days (08:30-15:30): 21,800kč
5 half days (08:30-13:00): 17,500kč
3 full days (08:30-15:30): 17,500kč
3 half days (08:30-13:00): 14,000kč


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